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Results! National Sales provided sales oversight to the Topps Company over the last several years prior to my joining the company and through that relationship, helped Topps forge into the exciting universe of natural and specialty foods with our Sharkies Organic Energy Chew products. Candace was invaluable to the Topps Company in a myriad of ways, but her guidance and knowledge of the natural industry and the understanding of industry expectations and protocols at all levels proved critical in assisting Topps with a very successful transition into a new business channel for the company.
To take it a step further, Topps also benefited from the relationships and the respect that Candace has so rightly earned among industry members and peers and this also was a resource for the company which helped to open doors with distributors and retailers alike as Sharkies gained footing in the natural and specialty channel.
Unconditionally, I personally feel that a part of the success and the reputation that Candace has become recognized for in the eyes of many stems from her passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to the industry. These are values that align with the philosophy that Candace lives by each day in her personal live and that she upholds in both her professional and personal life. Candace has a “can-do” attitude and a willingness to always tackle any project with dedication and zest, and brings great creativity to all that she does. Her skillset and computer knowledge is excellent and would serve any company well in my judgment in how she would manage their business.”
John Miedema
Former Director of Sales – Natural Brands
Topps Company


“As a relatively new brokerage in the Pacific Northwest, having personally and professionally known Leah and Candace for several years, Results! National Sales has certainly helped contribute to our remarkable growth. We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Results! National Sales on cultivating retail demand with a prominent west coast manufacturer. Results! National Sales is always a pleasure to work with; both Leah and Candace are incredibly knowledgeable and bring to the table a great deal of industry experience and connections. Through their years of industry experience, they assisted us in growing our business and guiding us in a way that helped optimize our business. Leah and Candace are solution-oriented, innovative, and well connected. They continue to be wonderful resources for us and we enjoy working with them every step of the way.”

David Victor

Vice President, Marketing

Grass Roots Marketing, LLC

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