Inspire versus Manipulate: The Key to Sustainably Expanding Profitable Sales Volume

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What is it that separates the stellar ever-successful top brands from those that keep reaching yet never quite seem to be fully embraced by our consumer families?

All advertise via the trending media channels, social and otherwise. They also offer similar solid promotional programs, in fact the “number two” brands often promote more aggressively.



Does the difference lie in what the product is? Not entirely.

Does the difference lie in how the product is made? Again no, not entirely.

The difference is “WHY” the brand exists…the inspiration for the brand and the legacy it creates.


Top brands inspire their customers to purchase, rather than manipulate the sale by means of discounting and special offers, because they themselves hold true to their vision of a healthier population, a better planetary environment, or they inspire to ease and enhance the quality of life for their consumer families.

Whatever the reason may be that inspired them to create their brand, their WHY, it is this inspired motivation that creates brand loyal consumer families. As author Simon Sinek so eloquently states in his book, Start with Why, “If you follow your WHY, then others will follow you.”

For example let’s compare two strong Natural Channel cereal brands, Nature’s Path and Barbara’s Bakery. Both brands produce excellent cereals made with high-quality organic ingredients, so why is Nature’s Path outpacing Barbara’s Bakery in its consumer family loyalty?

It is because Nature’s Path is very clear and solid about WHY they produce their products. They envision themselves as stewards of the Earth, which is conveyed in all their informational materials and packaging. Their website Manifesto message is “We aspire to advance the cause of people and planet, along the path to sustainability. And we like to think we put our money where our mouth is. Or rather, where our heart is. Because growing organic, healthy foods in a sustainable way is our passion—the cornerstone of our family company. It’s where, and how, it all began.”

Consumer individuals and families who are personally aligned with the Nature’s Path Manifesto will automatically select their brand over others because they uphold the same vision. Not only will they have an excellent cereal for breakfast, they also feel they are empowered to “advance the cause of people and planet, along the path to sustainability” by their purchase.

Nature’s Path is inspiring people to do the things that inspire them, and because the visions are aligned, they will often opt to purchase Nature’s Path cereal for their families’ breakfast even if another brand may be available at a lower promotional price.

The importance of a brand’s WHY is highly spotlighted now because brand trust is in the forefront of the Natural Channel consumer’s mind. Knowing the source of their purchased goods is key. They want to know if the manufacturer is practicing ethical standards, be it clean organic ingredients, or what impact the brand’s production may have made upon the Earth’s health.

Invite your consumer families to band together with you for a greater good by sharing what inspires you to offer your products or services…make your message loud and proud! People are seeking integrity and transparency, as well as quality and price. If by purchasing your brand they know they will be actively building a better future…they will, over and over!

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